The town was established in the middle of the 13th century as a typical colonisation town with a regular-shaped town square. Under the reign of the lords of Boskovice and Ladislav Velena of Žerotína (1486 - 1622), when Moravská Třebová was the centre of humanistic education, the town acquired the nickname Moravian Athens. For its beauty, Moravská Třebová was declared a urban preservation area, which includes the historical town centre, castle and Křížový peak.

There are countless opportunities for enjoying the admirable beauty of the monuments of Moravska Třebova. The Moravská Třebová Castle belongs among the most significant renaissance monuments in Central Europe and has undergone complete restoration. The growing number of tourists proves the increasing popularity of this monument, where you can take a tour of the attractive castle expositions or the secret vaults. During the course of the year, the castle comes alive with a number of cultural events. You can visit the largest medieval torture chamber or the alchemist laboratory of Master Bonacin here.

The Pastýřka Outlook Tower at the top of the Pastvisko Hill near Moravská Třebová is popular for its views over the town and surrounding landscape. You can also visit the ruins of the Cimburk Castle near Městečko Trnávka or take a ride along the six-kilometre narrow-gauge track in carriages hauled by a steam locomotive.

Mummy of Princess Hereret - Museum of Moravská Třebová.
Moravská Třebová.
On the Pastýřka Observation Tower near Moravska Třebova.
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(Ticho před bouří)
10/22/2018 19:00
Municipal Cinema (Moravská Třebová) - Theatre hall
10/24/2018 19:00
Municipal Cinema (Moravská Třebová) - Theatre hall
(Když draka bolí hlava)
10/27/2018 16:00
Municipal Cinema (Moravská Třebová) - Theatre hall
(Zlatý podraz)
10/27/2018 19:00
Municipal Cinema (Moravská Třebová) - Theatre hall
(Oslavy 100 let vzniku republiky)
10/28/2018 14:00 - 17:00
Municipal Cinema (Moravská Třebová)
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