Portmoneum – The Museum of Josef Váchal


You most certainly will not forget your trip to Litomyšl’s Portmoneum. The richly painted walls, where figures of devils, elves and spirits rotate incongruously at first sight with classical Christian motifs or hints of Hinduism and other Oriental teachings, has its logic which stems from Váchal’s attitudes to life and artistic opinions.

The history of the Museum of Josef Vachala already began in 1920, when the art lover Josef Portman invited his friend, artist and write Josef Vachala to Litomyšl and asked him to decorate the ceiling and walls of two rooms in his house. The author of the Bloody Novel, accepted Portman’s request and completed his work on decorating the interior in 1924.

Thanks to the unique and elaborate reconstructions, which took place at the beginning of the 1990s and rescued the paintings from looming destruction, you can visit the rooms of the Portmoneum – the Museum of Josef Váchal today.

Portmoneum - Museum of Josef Váchala.
Portmoneum - Museum of Josef Váchala.
Portmoneum - Museum of Josef Váchala.
(Hradišťan & Jiří Pavlica)
10/25/2018 19:00
Polička Tyl House (Polička)
(Ivan Mládek & Banjo Band)
10/26/2018 20:00
Music Club Kotelna (Litomyšl)
(Oslavy 100 let založení republiky)
10/27/2018 9:00 - 18:00
(8. Bubenický festival)
10/27/2018 13:00 - 23:00
Vysoké Mýto Municipal club (Vysoké Mýto)
(Snow film fest)
10/27/2018 18:00
Theatre Alternative Club (Svitavy)
(Fast food orchestra)
11/2/2018 20:00
Music Club Kotelna (Litomyšl)
(Mezinárodní festival outdoorových filmů)
11/4/2018 14:00
11/5/2018 16:00
11/6/2018 16:00
Music Club Kotelna (Litomyšl)
(Průvod za sv. Martinem)
Jan Palach Park (Svitavy)
(Česká mše vánoční Jakuba Jana Ryby)
Fabrika (Svitavy)
(Jaroslav Uhlíř: Hodina zpívání ve zvěřinci)
12/16/2018 15:00
Smetana House (Litomyšl) - Grand hall
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