Litomysl Castle was built out of love
As with many of the world’s great castles Litomysl has its very own White Lady ghost. The legend tells... whole article
Czech castles and chateaux come to life
The Czech Republic belongs to Europe´s super powers when it comes to its beautiful array of castles and... whole article
2012 – 20 years, 12 monuments, 1 country
This year, the Czech Republic celebrates the 20th anniversary of the incorporation of its first monuments... whole article
Do you love classical music? Enjoy it in Czechia
One Czech saying is, “If someone is Czech, he's a musician.” Several famous composers were either born... whole article
Valentine’s Day romance in the Czech Republic
Only a few pages of the calendar remain to be turned until St. Valentine’s Day, the lovers’ holiday.... whole article
Feel like the king of the country of fairytale chateaux and castles!
Welcome to the Majestic Prague Castle! Prague Castle: a majestic complex of buildings surrounding three... whole article
Air Full of Romance in Beautiful Chateau Gardens
A Labyrinth: the Must-Have for a Perfect Garden The archbishop’s chateau in Kroměříž is listed as a UNESCO... whole article
Spring in the Czech Republic
It is said that spring is the most beautiful season of the year. In the Czech Republic this is symbolised... whole article
The Prague astronomical clock celebrates 600 years
One of the most admired technical and historical monuments in the Czech Republic, the Prague Orloj, or... whole article
Czech Music: The Everlasting Family Jewel
(Prague, March 2008) "Where is my home?" asks the slightly melancholy Czech national anthem. There is... whole article
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(Tradiční výstava betlémů)
11/28/2021 - 12/31/2021
(Aneta Langerová s kapelou a smyčcovým triem)
12/8/2021 19:00
Šember Theatre (Vysoké Mýto)
(Roman Dragoun)
12/11/2021 20:00
Theatre Alternative Club (Svitavy)
(Hradní advent)
(Vánoční Mint Market)
12/12/2021 10:00 - 18:00
Chateau rise (Litomyšl) - Vaulted Hall - Castle Brewery, Column Hall - Castle Brewery
(Hudba pomáhá - vánoční koncert)
12/12/2021 19:00
Smetana House (Litomyšl)
(Karel Plíhal)
12/14/2021 19:00
Fabrika (Svitavy)
(Mňága & Žďorp)
12/17/2021 20:00
Vysoké Mýto Municipal club (Vysoké Mýto) - Club hall
(Vánoce se SYxtetem)
12/18/2021 19:00
Fabrika (Svitavy)
(Bílé Vánoce Lucie Bílé II)
12/23/2021 17:00
3/4/2022 20:00
Music Club Kotelna (Litomyšl)
(David Koller Tour 2021)
4/1/2022 20:00
Music Club Kotelna (Litomyšl)
(Štefan Margita: Intimity)
4/8/2022 19:00
Smetana House (Litomyšl)
(Helena Vondráčková - Vzhůru k výškám Tour)
5/20/2022 19:00
Smetana House (Litomyšl)
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